Brodie Tower
University Engineering Building, Great Newton Street, Liverpool L3

Pictures donated by Tony Siebenthaler

Designer: Maxwell Fry

Fry was a Wallasey born & Liverpool trained architect. This building dates from 1959, the eastern facade is windowless and bears the names of famous engineers in history. Amongst those whose names are perhaps less familiar are: Charles Parsons (1854 - 1931) who developed the first high speed steam turbine and built the first turbine-driven steamship, the 'Turbinia', John Smeaton (1724 - 1792) first used the term civil engineer in 1768 to distinguish the profession and works from military engineering. Sir Henry Bessemer (1813 - 1898), patented the Bessemer Process, a low fuel method of producing steel which made it so cheap that it assumed its now pre-eminent position in engineering (though the process is now long outmoded), William Rankine (1820 - 1872) was eminent in several fields including thermodynamics and developed steam engine theory, Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736 - 1806) was an expert in both mechanics and electricity and gives his name to the SI unit of charge, Marquis De Vauban (1633 - 1707) was a French military engineer best known as a builder (and breacher) of fortifications.

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