Maths & Oceanography Building
Bedford Street, Northern Extension

Picture by
Designer: Bryan Westwood
Sculptor: John McCarthy

The building runs along a pedestrianised section of Bedford Street between Ashton Street & Bedford Street (on the eastern side of the 'street') It has an iron screen by John McCarthy at the main entrance. The screen incorporates mathematical symbols and is mirrored by a similar mural inside the main entrance of the higher of the two blocks. The northern elevations would have stood high above the vertical railway cutting that was roofed over in the sixties, relief panels were designed that would have depended on soot staining for their effect. The line of the cutting can still be detected outside The Augustus John pub where a small section still exists, walled in, and part of the Alsop Building assumes bridge form to span the paved-over cutting.

Pevsner Architectural Guides: Liverpool by Joseph Sharples
Old Ordnance Survey Maps; Liverpool

Alan Maycock 2007

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