'Liverpool's Heroes'  AKA 'The Chavasse Memorial'
Abercromby Square, Liverpool University, Liverpool L3

Picture by Mike Hirst
Sculptor: Tom Murphy

Son of the Bishop of Liverpool, Captain Noel Chavasse VC and Bar, MC was one of identical twins who both became Olympic competitors. Chavasse, previously a doctor at the Southern Hospital, was the medical officer of the 1/10th Scottish Battalion of the King's Liverpool Regiment. He was the only man to win the Victoria Cross twice during the First World War. On each occasion he showed great valour in returning to rescue fallen comrades, the second award being posthumous. He is depicted here with a stretcher bearer, removing a wounded comrade from the field. Around the base of the memorial the names of fifteen other Liverpool recipients of the Victoria Cross are listed.

Tom Murphy is arguably best known for his realist sculptures around Liverpool. By contrast this is a powerful impressionist piece, recalling the heroic muscularity of soviet 'action sculpture'. The statue is temporarily placed here whilst a permanent home is sought by the Noel Chavasse VC Memorial Association.

Ian Jones

Alan Maycock 2008

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