'RAY + JULIE' (1)
London Road, Liverpool L3

Picture by Jonathan P. Neill

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Artists: Alan Dunn and Brigitte Jurack
Fabrication: Andrew Brooks
Date: November 1995
Commissioners: The Furniture Resource Centre
Sponsored: Inner City Enterprises, Liverpool City Challenge,

The City of Liverpool Leisure Services Directorate, North West
Arts  Board and David McLean Contractors
Management & Support: London Road Development Agency

and Visfac Ltd.

In 1995 the artists were commissioned to create some thing for the vacant plot between The Furniture Resource Centre and Lord Warden Pub. Intended to remain in situ for 6 months and inspired by the 'Ray + Julie' graffiti pre-existing at the back of the site, the piece was installed in November 1995 and remains today. In over 10 years since, the chairs have; inspired poetry and guerilla performance, changed legal ownership, been case studies for public art maintenance, hosted chess and skateboarders, figured in a list of Liverpool's best-kept secrets and attracted a range of new graffiti. The latest spin-off is a series of billboard images placed in the Rope Walks area in autumn 2007. You can read more about the piece and the various spin-off projects at www.rayandjulie2005

Alan Maycock 2007

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