Flee & Survive (1)
24 Hope Street, Liverpool L1

Picture by Pat Neill
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Designer: Faith Bebbington

Flee & Survive are works created during a Women's Art project at Blackburne House. Bebbington worked with asylum seekers creating the giant running shoes covered in symbols and text demonstrating the women's feelings about their enforced flight. Flee is the winged shoe pointing to the right and including five figures fleeing, across a field of crossed guns, watched perhaps by an uncomprehending child. Survive is the more static piece, toes pointing leftward, including a cross, hearts and perhaps nurturing hands. Bebbington works with people in a range of health care, social, educational and community settings. Her recent inspiration has come from 'free running', the extreme sport of running and climbing over urban buildings and structures. "With Spiderman overtones my dynamic figures cling to the wall like something you see out of the corner of your eye. Freezing a process of movement such as climbing, sliding, crawling or stretching." She has worked with Wythenshawe and Leighton Hospitals and collaborated with Stephen Broadbent on the Reconciliation Project. She is based in Liverpool but exhibits nationally and is a member of both the Bridewell Studios in Liverpool and The Black Arts Alliance, Manchester.


Alan Maycock 2007

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