The Florence Nightingale Memorial
Upper Parliament Street / Princes Road, Liverpool L8

Picture by Jonathan P. Neill
Designers: Willink & Thicknesse
Sculptor: Charles John Allen

The Nightingale Memorial was designed by Willink & Thicknesse with sculptural reliefs by C. J. Allen. Completed in 1913, it is set into the boundary wall of The Queen Victoria District Nursing Association building. Although Nightingale is shown in traditional form as as 'the lady of the lamp', this monument, paid for by public subscription, is really a memorial to her work as a public health promoter in Liverpool. She promoted not only proper training for nurses but also the notion that good nutrition and hygiene was necessary in the home and that this was best promoted through the work of visiting nurses. Nightingale worked on many initiatives with William Rathbone, including the building and organisation of the third Liverpool Royal Infirmary in Pembroke Place, most of which survives architecturally although it is now occupied by Liverpool University & other agencies.

The Pool Of Life; A Public Health Walk in Liverpool by Maggi Morris & John Ashton
Pevsner Architectural Guides:Liverpool by Joseph Sharples

Alan Maycock 2008

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