Peter Kavanagh's
Egerton Street, Liverpool L8

Picture by Pat Neill

This pub is richly tiled on the exterior where it sits in the oddly two storied Egerton Street. The real treasure is inside where the leftward extensions to the original pub are furnished and hung with an eclectic array of artefacts including musical instruments. The original building's snugs, the rooms to the left and right of the bar, are decorated with mural panels painted by Eric Robertson in 1929, allegedly in recompense for unpaid bar bills. The murals in the front room are based on characters from Dickens and those in the back are modelled on Hogarth's cartoons. The clientele is never less than interesting, quoting from  "PKs regulars are like its decor - eclectic, impossible to put an age on, and quite possibly a complete fake."

Pevsner Architectural Guides; Liverpool by Joseph Sharples
Walks Through History: Liverpool by David Lewis
The friendly pot man

Alan Maycock 2007

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