Duke's Terrace Plate (1)
Cooper's Terrace, Liverpool L1

Picture by Jonathan P. Neill

Just off the top of Duke Street there are now a pair of new Rope Walks ‘squares’ (ie not squares at all but trapezoidal courtyards) They are accessed by an entry called Cooper’s Terrace which is almost opposite Cornwallis Street, 50 yards down from the Berry Street junction. Cooper’s Terrace appears gated and locked at night and on Sundays but there is a gravity operated gate for pedestrians only. To the right as you enter, there is a brass wall plaque, an engraving of a map of the district with the stories of Dukes Terrace: its birth, heyday, near-demise and deliverance into conservation. These were back to back terraces built by merchants for their own workforce. To control unauthorised access and prevent illicit overcrowding some merchants built such terraces with only one entrance - some even through the basement of the merchants own houses.


Alan Maycock 2008

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