The Seed
Campbell Square, Liverpool L1

Picture by Jonathan P. Neill
Sculptor: Stephen Broadbent

The organic seed pod shape can also be read as male and female forms entwined, surrounded by sculpted trees. The sculpture has been cast in aluminium and stands 1.2 m high. The textured inside surface has a decorative copper leaf finish, which is highly reflective, appearing almost to glow, both during the day and by night, when it is internally lit with an 'integrated luminaire'. It sits in Campbell Square, one of the many irregular shaped piazzas within the Rope Walks area which are nevertheless called squares. This square is a relatively tranquil sanctuary from the nearby clamour of Duke Street and the Liverpool 1 development. It is given occasional life by office workers taking lunch on the 'gull' seats and at night by diners at The Bridewell restaurant. Broadbent has many pieces on show in Liverpool and the North, this is the first of two works by the artist in this walk. For more of his work you can visit the artist's site.


Alan Maycock 2008

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