Villa Romana (1)
Wood Street / Roe Alley, Liverpool L1

Picture by Pat Neill
Sculptor: Jim McLaughlin

An Italian villa in a street of warehouses? This low rise building was converted by the restaurateur Giuliano Sciarini in 1997. Outside, above the door and windows there are five bas-reliefs in terracotta. The second and fourth reliefs have swag motifs but the other three, looking from left to right are: a couple feasting on grapes, Neptune spilling wine and a hunter with prey. There are pretty etched glass designs on the windows. Inside there are more Italian artefacts and effects. Mostly excellent reviews suggest a closer look at the interior whilst dining would not be a mistake. Jim McLaughlin was an assistant to Tyson Smith at Bluecoat Chambers and is a member of The Merseyside Sculptors Guild and a fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. For a picture of the interior (and a typical review) see

Public Sculpture of Liverpool by Terry Cavanagh

Alan Maycock 2008

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