Yates's (1)
Bold St, Liverpool L1

Picture by Pat Neill

Number fifty is the left-most of two neighbouring buildings unified by their present occupation by Yates's bar, both are presented in a single livery. From underneath the unifying paint it is the number and variation of gargoyles which provides entertainment. Across the Bold Street frontage there are four half-man half-beast gargoyles. Reading from the left they are to my mind: a goat, a dog, a fish and a ram, though you may disagree. Harder to identify are a further twenty-eight half-human gargoyles on the Concert Street elevation which include at least a monkey, a lion and a pig. In 1847 number fifty was occupied by Haywoods the Tailors, by 1859 the address was registered to Mrs William Edwards, a glover and lace merchant and by 1890 it had become Nicoll's, a civilian and naval outfitters. Mid twentieth century photographs show it as being occupied by 'Watches Of Switzerland'. In 1997, the building was sold by Ethel Austin and along with its neighbour it became a 'Rat And Parrot'. The joint buildings continue to operate as licensed premises with their current occupancy by Yates's.

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Alan Maycock 2008

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